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  • Land area is 20,000 m2, buildable area is 14,000 m2, maximum height 36 m.
  • The Customs Bonded Warehouse is located directly opposite to Sokhna Int’l Port and 30 Km south of Al Adabeya Port at the intersection of Cairo-Sokhna/Hurghada-Suez highways.
  • The land is located on the main boulevard inside the first industrial zone in Sokhna, Suez Governorate next to Egyptian Steel.
  • The land has a concrete wall height of 3.25m and two-way gate for trucks all accordance with Suez Customs regulations.
  • Electricity 0.5 Mega: electrical room with 500 KVA transformer, voltage 0.4 / 22 kW.
  •  Communications: 2 phone landlines and internet line ADSL 4 Mega.
  • 120 m3 underground water tank for human and for Civil Defense uses. Sanitation.
  • Flat land elevated above surrounding roads. 
  • An administrative building (240 m2).
  • Integrated fire system licensed by Suez Civil Defense Authority.