Welcome to Our Services

  • Starting 1 January 2020  our Customs Bonded Warehouse is operational and hosting 1600 containers for various shipping lines.
  •  We provide all logistics services of; discharging, assembling, splitting containers, loading, packaging and printing labels. 
  • For Assembling activities; Our clients are entitled for Egyptian Certificates of Origin if the local component represent 45% or more of the final product value. 
  • We have a professional administrative and technical staff to clear customs procedures as soon as possible without disputes under an integrated system through Customs Committees present in the project under Central Customs of Suez. 
  • Our Customs Bonded Warehouse is equipped with a network and integrated IT equipment linked to the Customs Central Administration and allows the customer to follow up their goods within the store online.
  •  The warehouse operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 
  • Our Customs Bonded Warehouse is insured against fire, theft and breach of trust. 
  • Our Customs Bonded Warehouse can provide more customized services as per customer request.